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Dr. MacKenzie is an Align Technology faculty member

September 25, 2019

In May 2019, Dr. MacKenzie became an official Align Technology faculty member. She can now be invited to teach on behalf of the company that makes Invisalign not only locally but also nationally and internationally.

Dr. MacKenzie’s first presentations as an Invisalign faculty were in Quebec city and were attended by orthodontists and general dentists. The topic was treating patients with severe “overbites” where the distance between the upper and the lower teeth is excessive. Dr. MacKenzie has developed an approach that works very efficiently with Invisalign, without using braces or other appliances and works equally well in children and adults.

The feedback from her lectures was amazing, and we’re so proud and grateful to the Invisalign territory managers Michel Leger and Alex Gagnon for the invitation.

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