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Teething babies

January 11, 2021

Is there a Mom (or Dad) out there who has not spent some sleepless nights with a teething baby? 

According to the research in pediatric dentistry, the eruption of teeth cannot be associated with any of the symptoms that parents report: fever, irritability, staying up all night, drooling etc. However, there are lots of parents, …and grandparents, …and daycare workers out there who insist that they can tell when a baby is teething.

Well, here I am, after spending three sleepless nights: I just realized that my baby’s molars are coming through. And, oh boy, he made sure he let us know about it. Good thing he’s cute! 

Here are the three things to do when you realize that your baby is teething:

  1. Give him “comfort food”: extra milk, mushy foods, anything he likes. Babies can be comforted by food just like adults.

  2. Let him play with a cold teething ring or a teething toy. Cold decreases the inflammation in the gums and will decrease the swelling.

  3. Ibuprofen (Advil) works great to decrease the pain and allow the baby (and parent) to sleep through the night when everything else fails.

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