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Invisalign for Phase One treatment

January 25, 2021
Invisalign for Phase 1 orthodontic treatment has changed our young patients’ experience in the office.
No more metal expanders, or facemasks…no more appointments for impressions or separators.
I use Invisalign for young patients to correct issues with the bite that are growth-related, such as:
1. Underbites where the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth.
2. Crossbites where the back teeth are crossed over.
3. Midline jaw shifts where the midline of the upper and lower teeth do not match.
4. Some large overbites.
Our patient had a special type of underbite called a scissors bite, where some of the upper and lower anterior teeth were crossed. He also had a large midline shift.
I used a type of Invisalign for young growing children, and modified the growth of the upper and lower jaws so that in 6 months his bite was corrected and his smile was no longer shifted.
Invisalign for children looks just like Invisalign for adults, but I program the features in it differently to customize it for my growing patients.
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