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Wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment

February 1, 2021
Will my wisdom teeth make my teeth crooked?
The simple answer is: “The wisdom teeth cannot affect the straightness of your teeth as long as you wear your retainer”.
There is a fear that if the wisdom teeth are not removed, they will “push” the rest of the teeth and cause crowding.
Four Facts about wisdom teeth:
  1. Some patients have enough space in their mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow in and be functional (this is not common). These patients need their wisdom teeth included in the retainer.
  2. Some patients have wisdom teeth that partially come in but portions are still covered by gingiva. These wisdom teeth usually need to be removed. They can be removed before, during or after Invisalign treatment without affecting the rest of the teeth.
  3. Some wisdom teeth are “impacted” in the bone. They are only visible on an x-ray. An evaluation by your dentist or oral surgeon will determine if they need to be removed. Usually they are taken out to prevent damage to the bone or adjacent teeth. Again, this can be done before, during or after orthodontic treatment.
  4. Wisdom teeth are not stronger than your retainer. As long as you wear your retainers, wisdom teeth will not affect your smile or your bite.
If you have had orthodontic treatment and have not worn your retainers, it is likely that your teeth have become crowded again. 😄For options to get your gorgeous smile back, message me for a free smile consult.😄

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