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Correction of crowded teeth

February 8, 2021
How much crowding can be fixed with orthodontic treatment?
Crowding is caused by too little space for the teeth or teeth that are too large.
There are several options for treating crowding:
  1. Arch expansion (not a palatal expander) with Invisalign. This is my preferred method because it broadens the smile.
  2. Proclination (pushing out) of the teeth: this is best for patients with teeth that are too far in or patients who lack lip support.
  3. Interproximal reduction (stripping): this is when a little bit of enamel on either side of a tooth is removed to create space. It’s usually fine on multiple teeth. It’s best for patients with black triangles around the gumline.
  4. Extractions: removal of teeth us usually symmetrical (upper and lower, left and right) for patients with extreme crowding.
Our start patient Rachelle had severe lower crowding and had treatment with Invisalign for just under 12 months.
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