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Invisalign for severe crowding

February 15, 2021
Invisalign is a great tool for the treatment of severe crowding. 
Crowding happens when the size of the jaw is smaller than the size of the teeth.
Correcting the crowding can improve:
1. The esthetics of the smile: the teeth no longer appear “crooked”✅
2. The dental hygiene: it is much easier to brush and floss teeth that fit properly✅
3. Tooth wear: teeth that are crowded can wear down unevenly✅
4. Issues with the bite: straight teeth allow the bite to be centred and even✅
5. Gum health: frequently, crowded teeth put strain on thin gums and can cause recession.✅
Our superstar patient Kezah had Invisalign treatment for 10 months!!! 
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