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February 22, 2021
How long should you wear your retainers?
For long as you want to have straight teeth.
You can stop wearing them only if you want your teeth to shift.
Retainers are the final and very important stage of orthodontic treatment. They should be worn at night FOREVER.
In my office, patients wear retainers full time for 2-8 weeks after the end of treatment. Then they switch to night-time wear. Night time wear is indefinite.
Teeth remember the positions they were in before treatment and always want to go back to those positions. Retainers “teach” the teeth to remain in the new positions.
It does not matter at what age you had orthodontic treatment or how long it took. Retainers will always be there to keep your smile the same as when you got your braces/Invisalign off.
If you have questions about your retainers or need new ones, schedule a Free Consult.

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