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Invisalign is an exciting high-technology alternative to traditional braces. It involves a series of computer generated clear removable aligners used to straighten your teeth without metal wires or brackets. As a Top 1% Diamond Plus provider of Invisalign, Dr. MacKenzie is an Invisalign expert. At MacKenzie Orthodontics, any patient who can be treated with braces, would qualify for treatment with Invisalign.

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  • The aligners are practically invisible making them a great choice for esthetically conscious adults and teens
  • Invisalign aligners are removable, which makes brushing and flossing easy
  • The aligners are thin, smooth and comfortable
  • You can remove them to eat, allowing you to eat whatever you like during treatment
  • Shorter treatment times because of fully customized tooth movement
  • The orthodontist can use computer software to generate and predict the final smile and bite, allowing you to see your smile transform

Dr. MacKenzie has worked very hard to become a Top 1% Invisalign doctor, and attends multiple courses to keep her knowledge up to date with the new technology. 

Invisalign for Preteens

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic consultation for all children by age 7. Not every child needs treatment at that age. Dr. MacKenzie will monitor the tooth eruption and the growth of the face in order to advise you on the best time for orthodontic treatment. However, sometimes early treatment is needed, before all the permanent teeth erupt. This is usually because there is uneven growth of the upper and lower jaws causing a crossbite, an underbite or a large overbite. Also, there may be problems with the eruption of the adult teeth. If your child requires early treatment (also known as Phase I treatment), Dr. MacKenzie will advise you of the timing and type of treatment.

The traditional treatment usually involves a palatal expander and sometimes limited braces on the adult teeth. Nowadays, a lot of this treatment can be done with Invisalign first, which is designed specifically for children with primary teeth still present. The advantages of early Invisalign treatment over a traditional expander are:

  • Easier brushing and flossing
  • No food restrictions (the child takes the aligners out)
  • No worrying about breaking or losing one aligner: they are changed every 3 days, so you can proceed to the next one
  • Much more comfortable
  • Faster 

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Dr. MacKenzie is a certified provider of the most advanced techniques in orthodontics. Since every patient is unique, she will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you based on your orthodontic needs, your bite and the esthetics of your smile. No two patients are alike, so in our office no two treatment prescriptions are the same.


These traditional silver braces are made in the US from high-tech stainless steel. They are highly polished, do not stain and are perfect for patients who want colours on their braces. The colours are changed at every regular appointment. 


Radiance braces are made from pure sapphire, a material known for its clarity, resilience, and brilliance. Once the braces are placed on your teeth, they blend in with the shade of your tooth and virtually disappear. Radiance offers you the aesthetics of a translucent jewel while ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability.

There are no metal slots and the brackets will not stain.

With its highly polished surface and compact size, Radiance is a beautifully clear and comfortable choice for orthodontic treatment.


Damon braces are low-friction tie-less braces that use very light wires and do not require elastics to hold the wires in place. Due to the combination of high-technology brackets with light-force archwires, the Damon system is able to create space for blocked out teeth frequently without extractions.

The treatment is fast and efficient because the optimal forces are used for tooth movement.

And since there are no elastics to collect plaque around the bracket, they are very hygienic and easy to clean.

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