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Retention is the final and very important stage of orthodontic treatment. The goal of retention is to preserve your beautiful smile and functional bite for life. Teeth tend to shift and become more crowded throughout lifetime, whether you have had orthodontic treatment or not. Retainers keep the teeth in their corrected positions until the bones and the gums adapt to the change.

There are many types of retainers, but the most commonly used in our office are the clear/invisible retainers. Here are some general rules for caring for your retainers:

Dr. MacKenzie was the first Elite Invisalign provider in Saint John, Rothesay and Quispamsis. The “Elite” Invisalign designation is reserved for the top 5% most experienced orthodontists in North America. At MacKenzie orthodontics, every teenage and adult patient is given Invisalign as a treatment option. Invisalign is an esthetic alternative to traditional braces that is more hygienic, more comfortable and faster.

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